Low Impact Development

Flights LAX - Multi Family - Project

Located near the Calgary International Airport, the Flights LAX project is aptly named. A LEED gold initiative, the project posed many design challenges including maximizing the soft landscape surface area above a site encompassing underground parkade.
Select planting schemes and innovative planter designs were used create a modern aesthetic with sustainable undertones.


Saddlestone Rain Gardens - Project

This municipal reserve parcel will serve as one of the key focal points within the northeast community of Saddlestone. Our challenge as the lead designers and landscape architects was to integrate recreational function with significant storm water management elements into an urban park setting.

The park is in essence a giant filter for a large portion of the community's storm water run-off. Drainage will enter the park overland, gather in a series of infiltration pockets and be dispersed through evapotranspiration prior to reaching the main storm water retention facility.

Many design and approval challenges were encountered during this projects early phases. L A West gained invaluable L10 experience on this project.


South Station Fire Hall - Project

Fort McMurray, Alberta
Required to meet the needs of the growing Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo, the South Station (No.5) Fire Hall will be an all inclusive training, dispatch and post-disaster facility. Working with Sahuri & Partners, L A West and a small team of consultants are charged with designing a cost efficient LEED gold development for the municipality.

Our design tasks on the project include high efficiency irrigation and pump design with storm water reuse, site grading and infiltration analysis, surface permeability measures, and select variety plant designs for water conservation.


Walden - Project

The new south Calgary community of Walden is a professionally designed and master planned development with a focus on contemporary prairie architectural style. The des.ign inte.nt wa to create a unique aesthetically enhanced environment while staYing true to the underlay theme of sustainability.

L A West has created and started to implement an innovative LID master plan into Walden's open space system. This plan includes sensitive planning to accommodate existing natural amenities, storm water management techniques, wetland preservation and reconstruction as ell alternative energy sources. This long term, large scale development is one our most interesting and rewarding projects