Design Services

Landscape architecture, by nature. is fluid and diverse. To maintain a strong position in the industry. a design firm must be well rounded and adaptable in their skill set and professional approach. The L A West identity is based on this flexibility.
Staying true to this philosophy. L A West offers Landscape Architectural services in the following areas:

  • Open Space Planning & Urban Design
  • Golf Course & Irrigation Design
  • low Impact & Sustainable Development Implementation
  • Environmental Planning & landscape Rehabilitation
  • Trail & Pathway Master Planning
  • Commercial, Industrial & Residential landscape Development
  • Institutional Site Planning & landscape Design
  • Graphic Illustration & High Quality Presentation Production
  • We anticipate involvement in all facets of a projects development including visioning and conceptual planning, detailed design and tender preparation, construction management, field supervision and contract administration.

    L A West uses only the latest versions of production, accounting, graphic and design software ensuring full compatibility with other industry professionals and the maintenance of our high standards for graphic and construction documents. Tools such as Photo Shop, Sketch-up and AutoCAD are just a few of the graphic software packages we employ to achieve our high standard of graphic presentation, We are fully self-sufficient having output and digital transfer technologies in house and can offer various methods of digital communication and billing.

    From environmental design to high end graphic presentation, L A West provides a full range of design services and are confident that our expertise will be well suited to your project needs.