Urban Design

50th Street Downtown Redevelopment - Project

Innisfail, Alberta
As part of a multi disciplinary design team (which include Tagish Engineering and Parkland Planning) L A West was responsible for the landscape concept design and is currently moving into the construction phase for 2012. This multiĀ­ phase project will replace all city owned underground utilities and existing sidewalks along the commercial district.

The design process included open houses, public workshops, and steering committee and Town council presentations. Additions include wider sidewalks, street furniture, street trees with structural soil, and ornamental lighting and plaza spaces.


Connaught Park - Project

Calgary, Alberta
As part of the City of Calgary's Beltline Revitalization initiative, and in conjunction with City Parks Department, LA West undertook the renovation and redesign of the iconic Connaught Park in 2007. The park's somewhat 'infamous' history, coupled with a highly visible and significant location set the stage for a very involved public consultation process.

A strong relationship with the adjacent 'historic-turned-trendy' commercial district and the driving concern over public safety headlined the numerous considerations incorporated into the park's redesign. The result is a rejuvenated urban green space providing an essential hub for one of Calgary's most vibrant inner city neighborhoods.


Poetic Park Plaza - Project

Calgary, Alberta
LA West partook in the design refinement and approvals of this small urban project. From idea generation to completion of the landscape construction drawings, LA West worked with City of Calgary Parks and its stakeholders to refine the design and take the project into construction.

This park plaza is located at one of the main gateways to the downtown core on the west end and is highly visible by all. Design detailing, site furnishings, and functional pedestrian spaces I are key components to its success in providing streetscape enhancemet. The addition of public art features, sustainable initiatives like silva cell units, and native planting all contribute to its character and contribution as a public space through all seasons of the year.


South Station Fire Hall - Project

Fort McMurray, Alberta
Required to meet the needs of the growing Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo, the South Station (No.5) Fire Hall will be an all inclusive training, dispatch and post-disaster facility. Working with Sahuri & Partners, L A West and a small team of consultants are charged with designing a cost efficient LEED gold development for the municipality.

Our design tasks on the project include high efficiency irrigation and pump design with storm water reuse, site grading and infiltration analysis, surface permeability measures, and select variety plant designs for water conservation.