Trails & Open Space

Canadian Pacific Trailway - Project

Sylvan Lake, Alberta
The Town of Sylvan Lake set aside a former CP Railway Right of Way for the development of a series of pathways based on four types of trails that would tie into the existing trail network.

Areas of importance included connections to the adjacent schools and neighbourhoods, applying CPTED principles to maintain pedestrian safety, and protection of existing vegetation and wildlife. Plans included parking layouts, playground and picnic areas and trailhead markers.


Dunham Creek Trail Plan - Project

Turner Valley, Alberta
L A West prepared the preliminary routing and concept plan for a naturalized trail network through the Dunham Creek environmental reserve immediately north of Turner Valley, AB.

The design encompassed a large portion of the nature reserve and incorporated a unique interpretive trail system alongside the natural stream course winding through the parcel. The Dunham Creek trail system is intended to provide a naturalized trail experience, regional connectivity for Turner Valley and interpretive components describing the areas storied past, including the 'Half Mile of Hell' natural gas 'burn off' site.


50th Street Downtown Redevelopment - Project

Innisfail, Alberta
As part of a multi disciplinary design team (which include Tagish Engineering and Parkland Planning) L A West was responsible for the landscape concept design and is currently moving into the construction phase for 2012. This multiĀ­ phase project will replace all city owned underground utilities and existing sidewalks along the commercial district.

The design process included open houses, public workshops, and steering committee and Town council presentations. Additions include wider sidewalks, street furniture, street trees with structural soil, and ornamental lighting and plaza spaces.


The Oxbows - Off-Leash Dog Park - Project

Red Deer, Alberta
LA West was responsible for the Design Concept development and tender/construction administration of this year raund 40 Acre Off-Leash Dog Park on top of a closed landfill project for the City of Red Deer. In coordination with the Parks, Environmental and Public Works departments, the design team provided illustrative plans showing trails, parking, planting and site amenities for public open houses at the existing dog park.

Due to the cloy cap on top of the closed landfill, all proposed planting, site furniture, and fencing required berming to ovoid the potential of a puncture. The .'oxbows' then:e was developed based o~ the proximity to Piper Creek and the Idea that the site had gone through changes based on the passing of time and deposits of material similar to that of a creek system.